SPP: Joy Pie

This Sunday's poem is one that I wrote, because I needed to turn in something for school. I'm not really feeling this one, but maybe someone else will. I'm also not promoting bad eating habits, even though it sounds like I am....

Joy Pie

Serve me up some Joy Pie
Filled with smiles and glee
Crust as golden as the sun
And sweet as sweet can be.

It'll be yummy to my tiny tummy
As I'm gulping away the jeers.
Tasty pastries are the best way
To wash away the tears.

So give me Blueberry Custard, Lemon Meringue
Southern Pecan or Chocolate Cream,
And some Apple Turnovers
Busting at the seams!

They melt in my mouth
Mmmmm, yum yum yum!
I promised myself
That I'd eat only one,

But here I am licking another plate clean
Of cheery Cherry Pie
Letting go of the sadness
And telling my troubles,"good-by!"

Life's problems
Are sometimes hard to swallow
So I'll smother the drama with sugar
And hope for better tomorrows.

...I (do) really love pie :)

Nita Michelle

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