Places in Philly: Philips Steaks

Everyone hyped up Geno's to be the best place (in Philadelphia) that you can get a cheese steak from. They're wrong. I love Philip's ♥.

There are two windows at Philip's. They get so many orders for steaks, that the window on the right, is for ordering cheese steaks (& a few other sandwiches). The window to the left is for ordering corny things that you can get anywhere. So you get your fries, nuggets and things like that from that window.

When you order your steak, you don't hold the line up with unnecessary words. You say, "Can I have one, with & whiz." or just, "One, with, whiz and American." The first means you want one cheese steak with onions and cheese whiz. Obviously, the 2nd, is adding American cheese. Don't ask for peppers on your sandwich, they'll charge you for that. Instead ask for a wrapper, and take advantage of the free peppers they have sat out with the condiments.

Philip's is located in south Philadelphia off of 23rd St. and Passyunk Avenue. If you want a good cheese steak, this is the place to go!

Nita Michelle

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