First the racist new law, now this:

An Arizona elementary school mural which features the faces of children who attend the school has been the subject of racist screaming from adults in drive bys and on a radio talk-show campaign. The words "Nigger" and "Spic" were being yelled from car windows as adults drove past the school. The demand was for the artists to lighten the faces of the black and latino children on the mural.

Although the end result of this matter is that the Principal changed his mind and will not demand that the children's faces on the mural be painted a lighter color, it still disgusts me that they were going to do it in the first place. The obvious prompt that changed minds was the media attention.

I have a book that I swiped from the Criminal Justice Center, it lists and maps out all the hate groups in the US. It's crazy stuff. Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly if you really pay attention to ish), there are more white hate groups than any other race. They are very organized and go unnoticed. As soon as I find where I put the darn book, I will post some info.

Nita Michelle

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