Are the Police in Your City Like Ours?

Reports of Police Misconduct or Incidents Involving the PPD:
Retired Philly Narcotics Officer Arrested
DA: Officer raped, assaulted girls in his care
Philly Cop Suspended In Shooting Death
Philadelphia Narcotics Squad Officers Accused of Sexual Assault, Bodega Raids
Philadelphia police faces lawsuit: claims of excessive force and indifference
Phila. cop charged with killing former brother-in-law
Trial for ex-officer charged in Pa. sex assault
Philly police officer faces assault charges in Upper Darby
Trial for ex-officer charged in Pa. sex assault
Police Beating of Suspects Is Taped by TV Station in Philadelphia
Article: Philadelphia Police Officers Accused of Rape: Woman accuses officers of raping her in patrol car.
Police Raid Baby Shower (Mace Baby) (Philadelphia, PA)
Officer assaults woman in dispute with his son, then tries to destroy video
Extorting sex with a badge
Despite mayor's order, complaints still secret
Dashboard Video at Center of Alleged Police Brutality Case

Search "Philadelphia, PA Police Brutality" on YouTube.

Nita Michelle

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