6 Lashes for Drinking Beer

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a Malaysian model & mother is sentenced to 6 lashes for drinking beer. Drinking alcohol is illegal for Kartika because she is a Malaysian Muslim. Non-Muslims in Malaysia can drink alcoholic beverages all they want to because they are not subject to Shariah law. Check out this video:

Did the end of that video really say Malaysia leaders insist the purpose is to educate, rather than punish?

Check out these photos:
These are rattan canes for flogging.

This is a person being caned & the wounds after it was done:

Another person being caned.

How is this educational? Michael Fay sure didn't learn his lesson from those 4 lashes he received. He was in & out of trouble with the law for a few years once he came back to the states. He has even claimed that his drug abuse, “made him forget what happened in Singapore.”

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Nita Michelle

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