May Re-cap

May was a busy, busy month...

One moment that stuck out for me was Sonia Sotomayor being nominated to Supreme Court. She has such an inspiring personal story and I'm very pleased with this nomination.

Local Philadelphians voted Seth Williams as the Democratic Nominee for DA. I was going for someone else, but he would have been my 2nd choice, so I'm happy with this.

Naked pics of Rihanna were leaked online. Rumor is that Chris B. is responsible, but he denies it. In addition, I heard that Rihanna is supposed to leak some pics of Chris Brown, and they are supposed to be really humiliating. Her's aren't that bad (in my opnion), if it's even really her. Rihanna's Label has issued warning about the "unauthorized photos purported to be...Rihanna," and has demanded that the photos be removed from at least one site. You can get the links to them at

Jon & Kate. Jon seems like he's just fed up with their lives being put on public display. I don't know what is going on with Kate and the bodyguard. My overall opinion is that I hope they don't get divorced or seperate. I hope they can work it out and keep their family together.

Nita Michelle

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