In Search of a Good Song

I am putting together a video for our family's JDRF Walk for the Cure Team.

The video will be about my daughter's life and struggle with diabetes and will contain text and images. I have everything except the background music.

Here is my list of songs to choose from (none of them seem to fit):

When You Believe-Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Some one's Watching Over Me- Hilary Duff

Angel of Mine - Monica

If I Could - Regina Belle

Everybody Hurts -R.E.M.

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Wind Beneath My Wing - Bette Midler

Hands - Jewel

Because You Loved me

Tears in Heaven

Okay, so these are basically a bunch of songs that I love and find inspirational, but none of them seem to fit.

Does anyone know of a good inspirational song, or a song about hope, or persevering?

Nita Michelle

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