Tyrese & His Divorce

I've been following TMZ on this and I'm confused. I can't for the life of me figure out, why Tyrese's ex feels entitiled to anything other than support. First of all she's the idiot who signed that ridiculous prenup. Why contest it now? The other thing I have a problem with is, they were married for 10 months. What makes her think she has a right to anything he's worked for when they were only married for ten months. What did she do for those ten months besides sit her ass that would entitle her to more than support. I could understand her saying she needs a car & support for the child. But other than that, she can go back to doing what ever she was doing before those ten months to make an income.

Personally, if I was married to a guy for that short a time and was already getting $6,230 a month for support, I would be cool with that. I might try to talk him into getting me some type of car for transportation, but other than that, I would be cool.

Go to TMZ and read what it says about the prenup, she's just stupid for signing something like that if she didn't agree with it.

From Black Voices:
"Their union lasted only 10 months, so how much is a 10-month marriage worth? In this case, a one-time payment of $65,000, monthly rental payments of $2,730 and an $800-a-month car payment thrown in for good measure.
That's what a judge decided Tyrese must pay Ms. Mitchell this week according to TMZ.com. On top of all this, Tyrese is also on the hook for child support payments of $6,230 a month until their daughter Shayla becomes an adult. His ex will also be in control of those funds, if not the direct recipient."

Nita Michelle

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