Simple, Cranberry Relish (or Jam)

This is my last post until after the Holiday. I will still be reading blogs, and I will check in and comment anyone who leaves me a comment.

This is a simple, but delicious Cranberry Relish that I've been making with my children for a few years. The recipe is for Relish, and traditionally, it wasn't supposed to be cooked, but it tastes better that way. I call it Cranberry Jam now.

Here is what you need: Fresh Cranberries, Walnuts & 2 Oranges
Chop up the Cranberries and Oranges, measure one cup of Walnuts.

Pour it all into a pot.

Add two cups of Sugar and 1 & 1/2 cups of water.


Boil, then simmer.

Until it looks like this:

Tastes great! Thumbs up mommy!

We put some in jars to give to their Grandmas and keep the rest for us.

Tastes delicious with Turkey!

This is a traditional Cranberry Sauce. If you have made this before, what do you do to jazz up your recipe?

Nita Michelle

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