Once the moment arrives

I love your everything

But you wont know that

I would never tell you

Because then you would have a piece of me

That I don’t want you to have

And then

You win.

But we both know that deep down inside

You know

About me

About what I desire

And need

So lets play enigmatic

As if we do not know That I love you.

But tell me where were going to go

After the fun has disappeared

And we lastly find the one

And it may not be each other

What are we going to do then?

Will you miss me?

Will I miss you?

What’s it going to be like when the time comes

When we can never kiss again

Or touch each other

The way we do.

And make love so passionately

Or the intimate conversations

How will you look at me

Knowing what used to be

Between us is now gone.

I don’t know

But until that day

Lets make up for the time

That we wont have

In the future.

I don’t want it but its going to happen

So I guess this is

Another form of I love you inaudibly

while you embrace myself.


I wrote this a few years ago. I think it was 05. I actually was doing stand up freestyle poetry (speaking out poetry at the top of your head) with my friends and this is what came out so sorry if its not REALLY deep. lol. thanks


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