Nations Economic Crisis Hits Home (Philly)

"The economic storm has arrived on our doorsteps," Those were the words of Mayor Nutter this morning as he addressed our great city of Brotherly Love. As Mayor Nutter discussed our city's growing budget crisis he announced that he and his staff will be taking pay cuts as part of an effort to help heal our city, and prevent further financial devastation.

Other cutbacks will include:

  • Closing 11 of our city's public libraries.
  • 62 of our 73 outdoor swimming pools will be closed in the summer (that includes a pool in my neighborhood).
  • They will stop residential street cleaning and removing snow from back streets (this means snow will not be removed from my block).
  • There will now be a fee if you need the city to pick up bulk garbage, (like a refrigerator).
  • 220 city employees will be laid off.
  • 600 city government positions will not be filled.

We have a big city and I knew that it would only be a matter of time before something like this happened. I didn't vote for Mayor Nutter, and I never really liked the guy too much. I thought a lot of what he did was geared towards his own record and trying to make sure he gets credibility to increase his chance at running for a higher position later. That being said, I think he is handling this situation pretty well. Knowing that he would and his staff would take pay cuts to help out this situation, really makes me look at him differently. That shows good character. I like that and I'm giving Mayor Nutter a big thumbs up, for his work.


Nita Michelle

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