Really Quick Political Recap

Well, as everyone already knows, Barack Obama as been elected to serve as our 44th president. The election, which was won by a landslide, was watched all over the world. Obama received a whopping 349 electoral votes, while McCain received only 163 electoral votes.

After the announcement: McCain gave a very respectful speech with a teary eyed Sarah Palin standing nearby. Not only did his audience boo at Barack Obama's victory, but I read that they also booed a little bit when McCain mentioned Sarah Palin's name. McCain's speech put him back on my good side (a little). He sounded like the John McCain that we all were proud of and admired before this election.

No one can stop Sarah Palin from talking to the media now! And boy does the media want to Talk with her. Not only was she surrounded by media when she left for Alaska, dressed more like the Hockey Mom that she so often spoke about, but there were cameras and crowds everywhere waiting for her when returned to Alaska too. Don't expect her to disappear from the scene for too long (if she does at all). I did not see any images of the media following McCain around after the election.

Regarding Barack Obama being our 44th president, Sarah Palin had this to say, "We're going to be just fine. It is a shining moment tonight in history. We do congratulate Barack Obama. It's a great night in history. "


Obama's pick for Chief of Staff, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, has accepted this position. Chief of Staff is considered one of the top positions in the White House. CNN reports that there are mixed feelings about this pick.

Also, Sen. Lieberman (the trader himself) met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss his future with the Democratic caucus. So far, no decisions have been made and Lierberman is not talking about what was said at the meeting.

Nita Michelle

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