No More Tears

This is a poem about leaving an abusive relationship. This poem is published in my book "RIP-Rejection, Inspiration & Peace." released in May of this year. Let me know what you think.

No More Tears

I’ve dropped a million tears for you,
But I shall drop no more.
I lived my life in fear of you,
But I shall fear no more.
I put my pride
For you,
But now
I’m walking out the door.

You see,
I put my dreams aside for you.
Did anything
You wanted me to.
I cooked your meals
And ironed your clothes.
I made love to you
All nightlong.
I was devoted to you
And still
You did me wrong.

I supported you
Through the hardest times.
I’ve paid bail and lawyer’s fees.
I brought you in whatever you needed
Be it cigarettes
Or weed.
I sat through visitations
Twice a week,
But when you got out (of jail)
I was your last priority.

You would say
That you love me.
But you took away
My dignity,
With bruises
And beatings
And nights
Of laying beside you,
While you’re sleeping.

Yeah, I’ve cried a million tears for you,
But I’m not crying anymore.
I’ve lived my life
In fear of you,
But I’m not scared anymore.
I’ve walked right out your life
And nowI’m closing the door.

Nita Michelle

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