Final Debate, Finally Over

At last, the debates are done. I wonder if these debates have helped anyone decide who they will vote for. I watched all of them, but I already knew who I was voting for before this. I'm a Democrat and I vote Democrat for everything. Whether it's for President, Governor, Mayor or anything else, I just vote all Democrat all the time.

I don't really like Republicans. Oh, wait, I can't say that because my dad is a Republican. I should say, I don't really like the Republican Party's views on many things. My father and I disagree on a lot, but this year, he is voting Democrat. He is a retired 1st Class Sergeant and served in our great army for many years. However, he does not support this war. Also, he makes a good income, in the $100,000s, but that bracket won't leave him subject to any tax increases with Obama, so he is voting Democrat.

Other Republicans seem pretty angry about the fact that Obama wants to raise taxes for people making over $250,000 a year. But Charles Barkley makes more than that and he feels that the little people in this great country need help. I saw him on Larry King earlier this week.

Either way, that whole raising taxes thing would not affect me. What would affect me is Health Care Plans. My daughter is a Type One Diabetic who wears an Insulin pump 24/7. She requires constant monitoring and glucose checks. My fiance's son has Biliary Atresia and needs a Liver Transplant. My cousin's son has Autism. Health care is a major issue for me. McCain's explanation of his health care plan bothered me because he put Transplants in the same category as Cosmetic Surgery.

Exact words: "95 percent of the people in America will receive more money under my plan because they will receive not only their present benefits, which may be taxed, which will be taxed, but then you add $5,000 onto it, except for those people who have the gold-plated Cadillac insurance policies that have to do with cosmetic surgery and transplants and all of those kinds of things." Click Here for the Transcript

I was actually hoping that he made a mistake and that he meant to say, "cosmetic surgery and implants and all of those kinds of things." But people are quoting him all over the net and he hasn't put out any statements saying he messed up, so I guess he meant what he said.

Do you guys remember that movie, John Q?

Anyway, I think both of these men did a good job last week. I think this was McCain's best debate. But Obama still won. A

Who do you think won?

Nita Michelle

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