Black McCain Supporter Received Threats

Conservative Radio Talk Show host James T. Harris, has been criticized and says he has even received death threats because he showed his support for John McCain at a rally last week. Most of you have already heard about this. If not, here is quick video of what he said:

So, I just wanted to tap into this and quickly give my opinion.
One: This is a free Country and people have a right to support and vote for whatever party they choose.
Two: I'm a Barack supporter, but I do not in any way believe that us Democrats should be issuing criticism or threats to anyone for voting against their race. I don't think that is what Obama would want us to do and I don't think that is what he stands for. Barack Obama wants people to see past the color of skin. He is running as a man who believes he can change this country and make it a better place. Not as a black man who believes he can change this country.
Three: James T. Harris, had a certain hatred in his voice when he spoke at that rally. It was almost as if he were suggesting that McCain play dirty and pull whatever dirty tricks he can to win. It's not always about what you say, it's also about how you say it.

There are other black Republicans that don't support Obama. They have even been on TV.

For Example:

Amy Homes, a republican Strategist and CNN political Contributor

Kelli Goff, Author and political commentator. She has appeared on CNN and MSNBC.
Both of these ladies have voiced their opinions about Democrats, Barack Obama and John McCain. Although neither have publicly endorsed anyone, they have been known to speak against Barack Obama. They don't do it disrespectfully and they don't talk dirty. They are just black women with views different from the majority of the black population and I haven't heard anything about these ladies being threatened. So again, I think it has a lot to do with the way he expressed himself to McCain.

James Harris was also on CNN last night saying that he doesn't know why blacks always have a problem with him being a Republican. He said we act like the Democratic party has done so much for black people, but that they really haven't done anything for us. I was reading some stuff online about this and found some people's ideas about us are not only crazy but they hurt. So many people saying things like the Democratic party hasn't done anything but give us welfare and help us blame the government for our problems instead of blaming ourselves because we are poor. These are on various comments to articles people posted.

People are so ignorant. This country would not have had the wealth or strength that it has had all these years had it not been for our ancestors. Slaves put so much work into building this country into what it is today. Who would have cropped those fields and ensured that the white man's products were produced and shipped out if it had not been us? We worked and slaved and did it without pay. We did it while being beaten. For all the work we put into the white man's land, his crops, his product and his home, all we got was kicked out on our ass when slaves became free. We got to be Share Croppers. Work for pennies. Our children were brought into nothing. Passed down nothing and inherited our debt and humiliation in a country that said we were less than men. Meanwhile, white families who benefited from our work, left their children houses, left their children money, left their children legacies. Is it surprising that generations later blacks are still poor? That they live in poverty and need assistance. Racism hasn't left our country just yet. Is it really surprising that black people have become prejudice? Is is surprising that we want to see a black man as president more than anything? Is it really? This thing goes so deep. It makes me angry.

I'm just going to end here. Open your minds people and see this thing as a whole! Many years have passed, yes. But the scars are still there. Before anyone decides to say that black people want to blame the government for their problems, dig into the story. Dig into the history. You may be surprised at what you find. The welfare system was a trap and a way to keep blacks poor, uneducated and dependant on the Government. What Bill Clinton did when he reformed welfare, was one of the best things that has ever been done to the system. Providing blacks with a time limit, education options and job training comes with many benefits and I've seen those new programs help many people. Most people on welfare want to work and just don't have the skills they need. Read some books, watch some documentaries. Find out about our Ghettos, neighborhoods plagued by drugs, fatherless households, low self esteem, etc. Find out how all these things stem from the enslavement and oppression of a people.

Nita Michelle

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