What's in a Name?

Alluzee - Joyful
Amara - Eternal flower, imperishable
Alina - Noble, fair, beautiful
Ali - Excellent, noble, greatest

The names above belong to my children. These are their middle names which where chosen because of their meaning. Last night, for no particular reason, I was doing some name searching online. I decided to look up my children's first names. Each of them were named after someone in our family, so I never really thought about what those first names meant. Last night I found out that their first names have pretty cool meanings too.

Tabitha - Gazelle (Gazelles are graceful creatures)
Shalonda - Peace
Glorious - Glorious (that one was easy)
Fareed - Rare

After that I searched for my first and middle names (I've never really liked them). This is what I got:

Juanita - God is gracious
Michelle - Who is like God

I was like, "Wow, I'm cool even when I don't know about it." I had no idea my names had such great meaning. I feel a little special now.

Do you know what your name means?

How will you (or how did you) choose your children's name?

Nita Michelle

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