Stupid Women

I am surprised to find out today, that a recent poll shows Obama has not gained many Hilary voters. Support from Hilary supporters is exactly where it was in June. I really don't understand this. Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton's plans for the economy, women, and health care were very similar. Voting for John McCain would be voting against what women like Senator Clinton stand for. Has Palin being added to McCain's ticket really made this decision that difficult? Would these people really be considering voting republican just because there is a woman on the ticket? How shallow and stupid do you have to be to do something like that? This is the reason that children don't vote. I could see a child doing something silly like picking a candidate because they think their puppy is cute. Ladies, just because Palin is a woman, she looks like you, or she buys her shoes from Naughty Monkey like you do, does not mean you have to vote for her. This is serious and people need to stop this nonsense, pay attention to the issues and make intelligent decisions.

I almost forgot to mention the middle class, white male voters who feel like Barack Obama doesn't identify with them. News Flash: There is nothing about McCain & Palin that identifies with you unless going by skin color. Get realistic people, when is the last time your wife wore a $280,000 outfit? Or a $2500 Valentino Jacket? I mean come on, that jacket costs as much as some people's wedding dress. How many houses do you own? How many times have things gotten tough and you had to weigh the options on which bill you would pay? These are well-off, rich upper-class American trying to tell middle-class people that they understand where you're coming from. They don't. They haven't been there, they aren't there now and they just don't get it.

Nita Michelle

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