Leona Helmsley: Real Estate Giant, NY Tyrant

You may have known her as the "Queen of Mean," from the 1990 film appropriately titled, "Leona Helmsley: "Queen of Mean." She's also known for having a sharp tongue and no patience with humanity. She's been known to make shrewd comments such as, "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." In 1989 she was convicted for a $1.2 million federal income tax evasion. It has also been said that when her only son died, she immediately moved to evict her daughter-in-law and grandchildren from their home, which she owned.

Right now she is probably most talked about as the billionaire who passed away last year leaving her dog, Trouble, a $12 million dollar fortune. Her Will also stated that the entire trust, worth billions of dollars and amounting to virtually all of her estate, is to be used for the care and welfare of dogs. If that is not crazy enough, she completely excluded two of her grandchildren from receiving any money because of "reasons that are known to them." (Ouch, that must have hurt). In her Will she also requests that her tomb at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery be "acid-washed or steam-cleaned once a year," and that her beloved Trouble be buried next to her when she dies.

So far, a judge has given those two excluded grandchildren $6 billion dollars to split and NY state laws may prevent Trouble from being buried next to Mrs. Helmsley. Trouble's expenses are more than one would expect as she now has to pay for 24 hour security at $100,00 a year. Apparently, people have made threats against the pooch's life. Trouble is known as an adorable looking, unfriendly and snappy white Maltese with not too many friends. I guess that is why everyone is hating on her.

I think Mrs. Helmsley and Trouble are two mean Bitches that used a Will to get the last laugh and insure that she never looses her royal status as the "Queen of Mean." This is completely ridiculous, that money could have gone to charity to benefit the well being of people. Although I'm sure PETA has praised her religiously, I think she was a miserable, bitter old hag. Sometimes her pictures look so pitiful. She's just sitting there, hugging that dog so tight. She looks like an orphan without a friend in the world, who comes along a stray that gives her the affection no one else would.

Anyway, here is another article about Helmsley from AC 360: Rich Bitch

Nita Michelle

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