About Me

The Basics:
Nicknames: Nita, Nini, Mouse, Jua
Children: Four-& I love 'em to pieces :)
I like to: Write
Politics: Democrat/Liberal
I support: JDRF & March of Dimes
My 9-5: Customer Service Rep.
Status: Taken
Ethnicity: Mixed (Black & Puerto Rican)
Likes: Chamomile tea, Honesty, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates & quiet evenings by myself (it gives me time to think & write).
Dislikes: A whole lot of shit, you'll learn as you get to know me.

I'm 28 years old.♥A mother of four beautiful children ♥ My children are my world ♥ THEY HOLD MY HEART IN THE PALMS OF THEIR HANDS ♥ In 2005 my daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. ♥ Caring for her is a big job ♥ I had to quit school to focus my attention on her care.♥ I have a sister and a brother ♥ They live on the other side of the country in Washington state with our father ♥ I live on the east coast in Philly ♥ PHILLY IS WHERE OUR ROOTS ARE. ♥ Both our mother, and father, were born and raised in Philly ♥ I was born in Philadelphia, but I grew up as a "MILITARY-BRAT" ♥ I came back to South Philly at the age of 16.♥ (I then suffered from a severe CULTURE SHOCK!) ♥ I'M TAKEN, recently engaged & happy! ♥ I’m in love with my boyfriend. ♥ We have a lot in common ♥ and we have a lot of fun together.


My fiance and I, are like the Black Brady Bunch - minus the big house and Nanny, plus some extra children. Our crew consists of my 4 children and his 4 children. It's completely hectic!

My Bratz, Glorious, Tabby & Londa

My son, Fareed

My Other Sites:

Nita Michelle

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